PIMFA-AECIS “Enabling Collaboration to Prevent Financial Crime”
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PIMFA-AECIS – Case Management and Collaboration System

PIMFA and associate member, Financial Crime Intelligence Ltd have launched the ground breaking PIMFA-AECIS (Assimilated Economic Crime Intelligence System) to enable intelligence sharing between member firms.


The cloud based PIMFA-AECIS system is unique as encrypted data is only made transparent when an exact data match occurs between two or more cases. Members are able to record their cases and then collaborate at their discretion with other organisations in their own Trusted Intelligence Sharing Partnership.

Participating firms remain in control of their own data throughout and the PIMFA-AECIS methodology strictly adheres to GDPR. The platform incorporates comprehensive control, audit and governance capabilities.

Current Partners


“We believe that AECIS is an essential component of the fraud investigator’s toolkit. Intuitive and very straightforward to use, AECIS fills a strategic gap in the fight against financial crime”

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PIMFA-AECIS Protects Clients, Significantly Reduces Losses and Streamlines Investigations



We can create a link between existing systems and AECIS to assist with data migration and avoid duplicate/erroneous re-keying



PIMFA-AECIS: The Benefits

  • Create your own Trusted Intelligence Sharing Community
  • No obligation to collaborate – you can select who to share with and when
  • See your Case/Entity in context of others before deciding whether to collaborate
  • User identity anonymised until collaboration agreed
  • Legally protected when you decide to share
  • Reduced investigation time results in Significant Resource and Cost Savings
  • Quickly identify repeat frauds/offenders/networks thereby Protecting Clients
  • Provide tailored fraud prevention advice to Targeted Individuals/Companies
  • Cohesive approach to investigation improves Public Perception of participating organisations
  • Users can Demonstrate Best Practice to the finance industry and regulators

The Current Environment

  • Present scale of financial crime unmanageable
  • Law enforcement processes are under strain due to the sheer number of SARs filed
  • Current legislation is driving organisations to take greater responsibility for investigating financial crime and assisting law enforcement
  • 2015 Home Office Impact Assessment established the benefits of private to private intelligence sharing
  • Consequently, legislation in the Criminal Finances Act 2017 protects institutions from civil liability when they share information on money laundering

AECIS Modules

AECIS Case Management System: On Prem

  • Full case management functionality including internal case/entity connections
  • Deployed on your local network for internal purposes only
AECIS Case Management & Comparison System: Cloud
  • Full case management functionality
  • Reveals relationship between internal and external cases/entities
  • Does not include external collaboration capability
AECIS Case Management & Collaboration System: Cloud
  • Full case management functionality
  • Reveals relationship between internal and external cases/entities
  • Includes collaboration functionality allowing you to share intelligence via AECIS Investigation Group