Enabling collaboration to fight crime

The Challenges

Disconnected Intelligence
Assimilated Economic Crime Intelligence System is the solution
Enables organisations to demonstrate a quicker, coordinated approach to fraud prevention and detection of emerging risks. Increases effectiveness of AML controls thereby protecting potential victims, reducing losses and preventing further criminality.
Investigations are connected facilitating collaboration between investigators and leading to more qualitative intelligence.
AECIS facilitates a robust decision-making process based on accurate and dynamic intelligence. Connections between currently disparate entities can reveal connections to criminal networks.
Users are able to demonstrate a more cohesive approach to detection and prevention. Ability to stop repeat offenders results in improved public perception and customer experience.
AECIS can help organisations to address the escalating scale of financial crime and can easily be adapted to accommodate any future legislative changes.

How does it work?

Protects Customers

Provides rapid access to connected investigations facilitating tailored fraud prevention advice to vulnerable clients.

Real Time Collaboration

Users create their own Trusted Intelligence Sharing Communities. Data is then compared and user identity only revealed when they choose to collaborate via an AECIS Investigation Group.

Combined Intelligence

By identifying connections between disparate investigations AECIS enables users to leverage corroborated financial crime intelligence. This reduces investigative time, resource and cost.

Audit, Traceability & Governance
AECIS incorporates full Control, Audit & Governance capabilities and adheres to GDPR & NCSC principles. FCI has attained the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

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