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Private Sector information sharing FATF guidance cover

Private Sector Information Sharing

FATF guidance for the sharing of information

Financial Action Task Force

Trade Finance - Understanding the financial crime risks (cover page)

Trade Finance

Understanding the financial crime risks


Public-private sector information sharing cover

Public-private information sharing

Public-private information sharing partnerships to tackle money laundering in the financial sector


Criminal Finances Act 2017 cover page

Criminal Finances Act 2017

Key Legal Changes 


Principles for information exchange between financial intelligence units
Egmont group of financial intelligence units

Identity fraud and money mules rise again


Consolidated FATF standards on information sharing
Relevant excerpts from the FATF Recommendations


The Role of Financial Information-Sharing Partnerships in the Disruption of Crime
Occasional paper

Fraud the Facts 2019
The definitive overview of payment industry fraud

UK Finance

Fraud the Facts 2017
The definitive overview of payment industry fraud

Financial Fraud Action UK

Global Banking Fraud Survey
The multi-faceted threat of fraud: Are banks up to the challenge?


The 2018 Global Fraud and Identity ReportExploring the links between customer recognition, convenience, trust and fraud risk


Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) 
Annual Report 2018

National Crime Agency

 Guidance on submitting better quality Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
Guidance on how to submit better quality SARs to the NCA.

National Crime Agency

Enterprise-wide STR Sharing
Issues and Approaches


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