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Welcome to the future of intelligence sharing

AECIS - Assimilated Economic Crime Intelligence System 

The ever increasing pace of technology and innovation in financial markets is leading to a parallel increase in the pace and scale of financial fraud

Regulation and public/political opinion is creating pressure on banks and law enforcement to catch/prevent/convict more fraudsters and more importantly show they are protecting victims

Current initiatives to increase the speed and breadth of information gathering, to enable more prosecutions, have provided a new framework for the sharing of fraud related data

Fraudsters are increasingly perpetrating multiple frauds with multiple organisations at the same time

"We believe that AECIS is an essential component of the fraud investigator’s toolkit. Intuitive and very straightforward to use, AECIS fills a strategic gap in the fight against financial crime”


Identify and Protect Customers

AECIS provides a history of fraud affecting individuals thereby enabling banks to provide targeted fraud prevention advice and client account monitoring.

Audit, Traceability & Governance

Conforms to highest bank security standards. 
Complies with data protection requirements. 
Provides a full audit and governance capability.

Combined Intelligence

Bank to Bank collaboration enables “packaging” of intelligence for SAR filing. 
AECIS referencing links investigations thereby saving investigative time and resource for banks and law enforcement.

Real Time Collaboration​

AECIS automates intelligence sharing whilst conforming to current legislation. 
Banks retain control of their own data at every stage.  Matches are split into primary and secondary thereby separating potential false positives.


Chris Anderson



Chris Anderson, CEO is a financial crime expert with over 30 years of banking experience.

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